Chiostro dello Scalzo, meaning the Cloister of the Barefoot, is an edifice dedicated to St. John the Baptist, its name coming from the habit of walking barefoot of the participants carrying the cross to the processions which took place here. It took 19 years to Andrea del Sarto, the main contributor to the artistic assets of the cloister, to fresco the establishment (from 1507 to 1526). These monochrome frescoes are chiefly depictions of the life of St. John the Baptists, but the Dance of Salome, the Birth of John the Baptist and the Sermon of St. John are the most notable of all. Franciabigio too has helped to the completion of the work, though his contribution is less significant than the one of Andrea del Sarto.

Chiostro dello Scalzo
69 Via Cavour, Florence
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