The Boboli Gardens

Tourists might sometimes find themselves cornered by the overwhelming offer of objectives and attractions put forward by Florence, which is why alternating the sightseeing sprees with well deserved relaxing moments... The Boboli Gardens

Bardini Gardens

Less famous than the Boboli Gardens, but just as well worth visiting, the Bardini Gardens are only a short walk from the Boboli Gardens, stretching on four hectares of hilly... Bardini Gardens

Botanical Garden of Florence

One might say the Botanical Garden of Florence, also referred to as Giardino dei Semplici, is not the most impressive of all in terms of greenery lay-out and artistic patrimony.... Botanical Garden of Florence

Orti Oricellari

Orti Oricellari (the Oricellari Gardens) is yet another green spot of Florence with a striking historic background which, sometimes, overshadows the present vegetal and artistic display of the garden. Thus,... Orti Oricellari

Gherardesca Garden

The Gherardesca Garden (Giardino della Gherardesca) is one of the largest private gardens in Florence, stretching on 4.5 hectares on the right bank of the Arno River. The historic trajectory... Gherardesca Garden

Giardino Torrigiani

Another exquisite example of private garden in Florence refers to the Torrigiani Gardens (Giardino Torrigiani), some say the most impressive private garden in the entire Europe. Subsequently to repeated enlargements... Giardino Torrigiani

Fortezza Garden

Another significant garden of Florence refers to the Fortezza Garden. Giardini della Fortezza is the result of the landscape designing ingenuity, given Florence undertook in late 19th century the task... Fortezza Garden