Italy’s telephone prefix is 0039 and the prefix for Florence is 055. If you wish to call to UK while in Italy, you must dial first 44 followed by the local telephone number. If you are an USA citizen willing to call to USA, you must first dial 1 followed by the USA phone number you wish to call.

Florence Tourist Information Centres

Most of the cities in Tuscany have their own Tourist Information Centre guiding you to an available accommodation facility, without the possibility to make the reservation on your behalf. You will also find here useful tourist information about the attractions of Florence and the region of Tuscany.

Those Information Centres are available at the following addresses:

Via Cavour, 1 r – near the Cathedral
(0039) 055 290 832 or (0039) 055 290 833
Borgo Santa Croce, 29 r – near the Santa Croce Basilica
(0039) 055 234 0444
Piazza della Stazione, 49 – Near Santa Maria Novella Train Station
(0039) 055 212 245

Tourist Information Centres are all closed Sunday afternoon.

Other Useful Numbers

Lost Property and Stolen Items

In case you lost your belongings or property and they have been stolen from you, you must immediately go to a Police Station where you’ll get help and advice.

Lost or Stolen Credit card

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