City Centre - North Area

This area of Florence is dominated by history of Medici dynasty and its founder, Cosmino il Vecchio. Cosmino had wished the palaces, libraries, churches and all the other old edifices... City Centre - North Area

City Centre - Eastern Area

Florence was almost entirely rebuild during Renaissance Ages but the eastern part of the historical centre still preserves some medieval architectonic edifices together with the Dome building. Another special characteristic... City Centre - Eastern Area

City Centre - West

The western part of the Florence's City Centre puts the old architecture of the Ponte Vecchio next to newest architecture of the Central Train Station. This side of Florence also... City Centre - West


Oltrarno means "across Arno", the river. The Dukes of Medici Family, the first important family in Florence, settled here for the first time in 1550 and the Pitti Palace became... Oltrarno