Built on the premises of a preexistent church pertaining to the Vallumbrosan order dating back as far as 1092, the Church of Holy Trinity (Chiesa di Santa Trinita) was meant to be the first Gothic church of Florence, though the restoration underwent in the 16th century added some Mannerist elements to the initial structure, such as the façade conceived by Bernardo Buontalenti. Santa Trinita fetches by its some 20 chapels populated by a reasonable range of artistic masterpieces, the one to overtop all the other chapels in this church being the Sassetti Chapel. Ghirlandaio is the one who has marked the interior of this chapel by his unmistakable artfulness poured in the several murals chiefly depicting religious scenes. The sacristy, also referred to as the Strozzi Chapel, has been divested of two major works of art, namely, Fra Angelico’s Deposition (now sheltered at the National Museum of San Marco) and an altarpiece displayed at present at the Uffizi Gallery. Other contributors to the artistic value of the place refer to Neri di Bicci, Maso di Banco, Bernardino Pocceti.

Church of Holy Trinity
Via del Parione, Piazza di Santa Trinita, Florence
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