The Church of San Felice benefits from a fine location on the tourist circuit of Florence, neighboring upon the fames Palazzo Pitti, which ensures an enhanced tourist visibility for this establishment. This small Gothic church built during the latter half of the 11th century features a contrasting Renaissance façade designed by Michelozzo almost 4 centuries later (in 1450). The authorship of most works of art populating San Felice does not pertain to precise creators, but to their schools: the school of Giotto (a scene depicting the Crucifixion above the high altar), of Filippino Lippi, of Ridolfo Ghirlandaio and of Giovanni della Robbia (to which a terracotta complex of decorations is owed), as well as to the school of Neri di Bicci (triptych). All in all, Santa Felice is an edifice which is well worth visiting in view of exploring in depth the rich cultural and artistic asset of Florence.

Church of San Felice
Piazza di San Felice, Florence