By force of its long construction period (1268 to 1476) and given the unfortunate episodes it had to undergo (a major fire in 1771), the Church of Santa Maria del Carmine features architectural and decorative elements easily distinguishable as to their appertaining into Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque style. The only parts untouched by the fire in the latter half of the 18th century are the sacristy, the Corsini Chapel and the major highlight of the church, namely, the Brancacci Chapel.

The remaining works in the sacristy refer to one Pier Soderini marble by Benedetto da Rovezzano and to a fresco by Domenico Stagi (located, more precisely, in the vault). The Corsini Chapel built in the Baroque style by Pier Francesco Silvani also required the participation of Luca Giordano who carpeted the dome of the chapel with a fresco, whereas Giovanni Domenico Ferretti is responsible for the rococo ceiling of this highlight. What is even today visible from the initial structure of Santa Maria del Carmine is its unfinished façade, a feature extensively shared by plenty other religious edifices in Florence.

Church of Santa Maria del Carmine
Piazza del Carmine, Florence
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