Another incredibly monumental religious establishment in Florence refers to the Great Synagogue (Tempio Israelitico or Tempio Maggiore), a structure built in a Byzantine-Moorish style which combines several heterogeneous elements which yield an overall eclectic dash: an apse, a pulpit, a transept, an organ (basically characteristic of Christian sites). The Great Synagogue is fairly colorful, beginning with the imposing green dome and ending with the florid polychromic effect inside the edifice.

Giovanni Panti is the one who has created the many-colored mosaics and frescos of the Synagogue, whereas the architects who conceived its overall structure are Mariano Falcini, Vincente Micheli and Marco Treves, though the great arch was designed by Giacomo del Mediceo. The Great Synagogue of Florence is, undoubtedly, not the first temple to service the religious needs of the small Jewish community in the city, since it was not until the latter half of the 19th century that it was built (1874-1882). The Great Synagogue of Florence also hosts at the Jewish Museum (Museo Ebraico) at the second floor, with exhibits consisting of items specific to the Jewish religious ceremonies, medals, sacred clothing, and several ancient codices.

Tempio Israelitico
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