Originally conceived as an oratory which subsequently turned into a grain trading center, Orsanmichele gained a religious weight only in late 14th century. Regardless of such aspects, Orsanmichele is a highly elegant structure the supple architecture of which is splendidly complemented by sculptural and pictorial masterpieces, both outside and inside the edifice. The exterior of Orsanmichele excels in featuring the works of Andrea Verrocchio, Giambologna, Lorenzo Ghiberti, Donatello, Baccio da Montelupo, Nanni di Banco, the originals of some of these sculptural climaxes being replaced with replicas, being sheltered either at the Bargello National Museum or at the first floor of Orsanmichele in view of restoration and safekeeping. The main inner highlight of the edifice refers to a marble tabernacle designed by Orcagna, but all studied visitors can tell the worth of the pictorial works materialized mainly as frescoes and stained glass windows and owed to Francesco da Sangallo, Bernardo Daddi and Orcagna.

Via Calzaiuoli, Florence
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