The Bardini Museum (Museo Bardini) was handed down to Florence in 1923 by Stefano Bardini, a reputed art collector who managed to amass a reasonably consistent amount of works of art and other items, such as furniture, arms, ceramics, tapestries of various origins. Tino di Camaino’s allegory of Love, three works of Donatello, as well as a Deposition of Michelangelo (more precisely, a small plaster) are in the highlight of this museum. This miscellaneous amount is complemented by a collection of paintings named Galleria Corsi, located on the upper floor of the building. This collection consists of paintings of various origins, both with respect to style and moment of conception.

Museo Bardini
1 Piazza de’Mozzi, Florence
0039 (0) 55 234 2427