Located in the monumental Palazzo Bargello, the Bargello National Museum (Museo Nazionale del Bargello) is a rightful pride of Florence, given the establishment clusters one of the largest and most valuable collections of Renaissance works of art – mainly, sculptures – in the world. Besides the fact that the 12th century Palazzo proper is a significant landmark of Florence in terms of architectural and historic heritage, the masterpieces it hosts are invaluable both to their appertaining and worldwide renowned chiefdom as far as Renaissance heritage goes.

Thus, the main contribution of Michelangelo refers to two statues, Bacchus and Apollo, respectively, whereas the mastery of Donatello is substantiated by his works (St. George, St. John, a marble David and a bronze David) clustered into the so-called Donatello Room. It is in this room that another masterpiece is displayed, namely, a work of Ghiberti rendering the Sacrifice of Isaac (the history of this exhibit being highly interesting for those studied in the meanders of the history of art). Other busts and sculptures displayed in the Bargello Museum refer to works of Andrea della Robbia, Verrocchio, Mino da Fiesole, Pollaiolo, whereas tapestries are owed to the contribution of Pisanello, Cellini and Michelozzo, for instance. All in all, it is the sculptural heritage which yields the uncountable value of this museum, which is why no reason in the world could excuse the possible overlooking of this landmark once in Florence.

Museo Nazionale del Bargello
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