The Marino Marini Museum (Museo Marino Marini), opened in 1988 as a structure superimposed on the former establishment of a church (the Church of San Pancrazio) which, for that matter, became alternately a tobacco factory and an army storehouse, is home to a considerable part of the work of the Tuscan artist Marino Marini. Despite the fact this painter and sculptor was not born in Florence, but in the nearby Pistoia, Florence understood to honor his contribution to the art of the 20th century by setting out a museum in his memory. The name of Marino Marini is chiefly associated in the field of contemporary art to its recurring equestrian motif, a feature easily visible and ascertainable by visiting the museum. As a curiosity, the Marino Marini Museum is the first contemporary art museum to be opened in Florence, and it clusters some 200 works of this sculptor.

Museo Marino Marini
Via della Spada, 1 Piazza San Pancrazio, Florence
0039 (0) 55 219 432