Michelangelo House (Casa Buonarroti) stands out as homage to this invaluable Renaissance artist, but also as a reminder of the history of the entire Buonarroti family. Despite the fact Michelangelo has never actually lived in this establishment, it was bought by him for his nephew, Leonardo, and subsequently turned into a memorial house. The Battle of the Centaur and Lapiths, as well as Madonna della Scala count as the highlights of this edifice, given both their authenticity and the fact they substantiate the early ingenuity of Michelangelo (the works were completed when the artist was only 17 and 16, respectively). The collection of exhibits also comprises some copies of various works of Michelangelo – drawings included – being pegged out by items reminding of the artist’s life, as well as by works pertaining to other artists. The museum also comprises a library and a shop, as well as an archeology room.

Casa Buonarroti
70 Via Ghibelina, Florence
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0039 (0)55 241752
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