The Zoological Museum (locally referred to as Museo Zoologico La Specola) covers an entirely different topic, as the name suggests, and it is worth visiting, if not for anything else, than for its collection of specimens molded in wax which is impressive both by reasons of the number of items and by the quality of the craftsmanship. The museum is hosted in the Torrigiani Palace (Palazzo Torrigiani), and its name comes from the observatory (in Italian, la specola) built here in the latter half of the 18th century by Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo. The proximity of this edifice to Piazza Pitti and its inherent objectives (Palazzo Pitti, Forte di Belvedere and Casa di Bianca Cappello) makes it even more visible and accessible for any visitor who wants to get a fine insight into what cultural Florence means.

Museum of Zoology and Natural History
17 Via Romana, Florence