The National Archeological Museum (Museo Archeologico) is an extremely valuable presence in Florence, displaying a one of a kind collection of findings dating back as early as the Antiquity, artifacts pertaining to various cultures: Etruscan, Egyptian, Greek and Roman. The pride of the museum is the Etruscan collection, given it is one of the most significant in the world. The highlights of this collection refer to three bronze statues: Minerva, Wounded Chimera and Harranguer. The Greek culture is rendered by the famous Attica vases, of which the Francois Vase seems to be a genuine tourist attraction, by force of its notoriety. The Idolino, another noteworthy Greek bronze, has an entire room dedicated to its display. The Egyptian collection is ascertained to be the 2nd most valuable in Italy, only after the one in Turin. Opened in 1870, the museum has been hosted by the Palazzo della Crocetta since 1880, and it represents an undeniable tourist attraction in Florence.

Museo Archeologico
38 Via della Colonna, Florence
Telephone number:
0039 (0)55 294883
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