The history of the Palazzo Corsini is much vaster than the ownership of the Corsini family over the respective palace. Before belonging to the Corsini, the palace was a property of the Ardinghelli family and, then, to the Medici from whom the Corsini bought it in the mid 17th century. Pier Francesco Silvani and Antonio Ferri were subsequently commissioned to honor the task of restoring and enlarging the initial structure, which they did in a splendid Baroque style, some say one of the most impeccable in Florence.

Nowadays, the palace is still under the ownership of the Corsini. The palace stretches on the northern bank of the Arno River, tourists having the opportunity of admiring it from the southern bank, together with its exquisite front courtyard. The most valuable asset of the palace refers to its art gallery, one of the most important private collections in Florence, with paintings pertaining to various Florentine, Italian and foreign art schools. The Palazzo Corsini is only a short walk from the Palazzo Rucellai, the Palazzo Strozzi and the Church of Santa Trinita, halfway between the Ponte alla Carraia and the Ponte Santa Trinita, facing Lungarno Corsini.

Palazzo Corsini
11 Via del Parione, Florence
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