Less famous than the Boboli Gardens, but just as well worth visiting, the Bardini Gardens are only a short walk from the Boboli Gardens, stretching on four hectares of hilly relief and opening up to the Arno River, being bordered on the other side by the Medieval Wall and by the Montecuccoli Hill. Despite such proximity, connoisseurs recommend not to visit both gardens in the same day, given the intended relaxation will likely turn into a strain to tick off the highlights of these two venues, which, in fact, defeats the initial purpose.

One might say fate was not as generous with the Bardini Gardens as it was with the Boboli, and they would be right, mainly because no Medici undertook the task of turning it into a monument of nature and art alike. Yet, by force of its recent restorations, the Bardini sees an increasing popularity, both due to its inner assets and because it offers splendid views of Florence. The nowadays Bardini Gardens are the result of centuries of overturns, a part of the estate belonging initially to the Mozzi family – nowadays called forth only by Villa Mozzi of which one of the two entrances in the gardens consist – whereas the other part of the Bardini Gardens pertained to Villa Maradora. The resulting park thus combined the Anglo-Chinese elements of the latter and the baroque elements of the former, not to mention the Victorian details added later by the penultimate owner of the gardens, namely, Carolath Benten.

All in all, the former medieval vineyard and terraces turned under the patronage of Stefano Bardini into the nowadays park enriched in time sundry species of plants and trees, such as camellias, azaleas, ferns, citruses and, of course, roses and irises. The lush greenery of the garden is complemented by the several caves and fountains scattered along the baroque staircase and in other parts of the garden. The garden also features a temple, but all these are but a taste of the former florid sculptural heritage Stefano Bardini populated the park with. But above anything else, once in the Bardini Gardens, tourists should not forget to admire Florence, since this park offers striking views of the city by force of its geographical location on the said hill.

Bardini Gardens
1 Via dei Bardi, Piazza dei Mozzi, Florence
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