Another significant garden of Florence refers to the Fortezza Garden. Giardini della Fortezza is the result of the landscape designing ingenuity, given Florence undertook in late 19th century the task of harmonizing the challenging topography on which Fortezza da Basso has been erected centuries before, in view of balancing or covering the level differences between the walls of the fortress, the ditches surrounding it and the results of demolitions and restorations. The history of the fortress is itself interesting, and, for that matter, it can complement the approach of the Fortezza Garden. The garden consists of the usual elements of any given similar venue: ponds, pools, trees and fountains. It is true the Fortezza Garden does not excel in terms of artistic masterpieces, but what it offers to its visitors is more than rewarding. A special emphasis has been laid on the conception of the arboretum. Thus, the species of tress have been chosen such as to yield a special chromatic effect as their leaves change colors in autumn. Once in the Fortezza Garden, tourists should also pay attention to the swans which have found their home in this spot of Florence.