Orti Oricellari (the Oricellari Gardens) is yet another green spot of Florence with a striking historic background which, sometimes, overshadows the present vegetal and artistic display of the garden. Thus, historically speaking, Orti Oricellari is strongly related to the name of Bernardo Rucellai, of the Medici family and of the Plato Academy of Florence. The first prominent style of the garden was the one imposed by Giovanni Carlo Medici, in mid 17th century, and it referred to the Italian style and dash of the garden which also comprised a monumental fountain overtopped by the statue of Polyphemus owed to Antonio Novelli, a former student of Giambologna.

Polyphemus aside, the garden is, for that matter, populated with Greek mythology figures and scenes. Another major highlight of the Orto Oricellari refers to the Grotto, again embellished as to call forth the ancient mythology of Greece. In early 19th century, the owner of the garden, Giuseppe Stiozzi Ridolfi wanted to integrate the garden in the mainstream English style trend dominating in Florence, and he assigned Luigi Cambray Digny to do the job. However, Orti Oricellari turned back to its Italian style as a result of the work of Giuseppe Poggi, assigned in the latter half of the 19th century by Princess Olga Orloff to update once again the look of the garden, which he did, but only by resorting to the formerly abandoned past architectural values. Tourists should keep in mind the garden can only be visited upon request.

Orti Oricellari
Via degli Orti Oricellari, Florence
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