The Church of Sant’Ambrogio has long been ascertained as to its artistic and, hence, tourist worth, mainly consisting works of art – architecturally, sculpturally and pictorially speaking – pertaining to various Renaissance artists: Mino da Fiesole, Filippo Lippi, Masaccio, Masolino, Fra Bartolomeo, Sandro Botticelli, Andrea Verrocchio and others. The church is also a definite destination for those keenly interested in the life of such artists, given Simone Pollaiolo, Andrea Verrocchio and Mino da Fiesole, for instance, are buried here. By force of all these features, the Church of Sant’Ambrogio highlights the homonymous piazza (Piazza Sant’Ambrogio) as a significant tourist landmark. Its contribution is complemented by the presence the National Library of Florence (Biblioteca Nazionale di Firenze) and, why not, by the delightful presence of the so-called Enoteca Vitae Firenze. Advised tourists know that Florence does not come down to just sightseeing, which is why a stop to this wine bar is more than rewarding.