What is noteworthy about Piazza Santa Felicita does not necessarily concern the fact it is overlooked by the namesake church (the Church of Santa Felicita), a religious edifice clustering a wealth of artistic assets, but the fact it is extremely conveniently placed on the tourist circuit of Florence. Being located only a short stroll from Ponte Vecchio, south of the River Arno, Piazza Santa Felicita neighbors upon a series of establishments offering accommodation solutions and eating venues. At the same time, it can be deemed a link between the closest attractions located north from the Ponte Vecchio – the Palazzo Vecchio, the Palazzo Pitti, the Vasari Corridor and the Uffizi Gallery – and the ones immediately south from the respective Piazza: the Boboli Garden (Giardino di Boboli), the Modern Art Gallery, the Museum of Porcelain and the Museum of Natural History and Zoology La Specola, not to mention Piazza Pitti and the adjoining Piazza San Felice.